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How to wash a Motorcycle

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I would just use a toothbrush for the chain. Wire brushes can damage parts.
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Even a cheap electric brush would be awesome to use, make cleaning much easier and faster. Great video on how to clean a bike, thankfully our bikes won't get that dirty.
washing the bike

In two weeks I will have a brand new Ninja 1000 and a brand new power washer. I wont use the power washer on the bike as I reckon it will blast salt etc into the spindles and bearings and the computer and fuel injectors and.. and.. and .. everything - even though it would look clean on the outside.

yes I think a nice soft washing brush and then the chain can get de-greased and waxed

I too use an old electric toothbrush around the house for cleaning bathroom tap bases etc

I am going to wait for a really heavy thunderstorm to clean the salt off the roads before I venture out here in Wisconsin where the salt is applied so regularly
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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