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Want to put something with a little more attention grabbing ability on my N1K... Anyone have a suggestion?
Currently have a set of Fiams on my 85' 900 and there is plenty of room in the front cowl to fit. Just started looking behind the bodywork to find a good location but hmmmmmm.
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Sorry folks just found the posts - never mind.

Stock Horn Vs Aftermarket vs Air Horn

Hate the whimpy beeep beeeeep.... Get the Bad Boy Air Horn. Hard to Find a mount spot. Im Mounted on Left Front against Bar mount for Front headset.
You will never be cut off again.
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Just on horns and warning other drivers.
I was cut off the other night by a car when he didnt see me. In the panic i could not find my horn button so all I could think of was giving him a good loud red line engine scream. Nothing like the sound of 1043cc and 13000 RPM. That certainly got his attention. And im sure it scared him more than a little toot of my horn. lol
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