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Homebuilt motorcycle lift table

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I was bored this weekend and decided to make use of some extra lumber I had in the garage. Flat, it's 11" tall. It lifts to a table height of 22" using the jack at the rear. It has a table area of 24"x96". The ramp is a 2x8. There's a chock bolted to the front along with eye hooks on each side for extra security. I've tested it to 650lbs.
The lock falls into place on its own and is helped by the bungee cord. The green paracord runs up front then to the back through a series of eye hooks and is used to pull the lock so the table can be lowered down.
It's surprisingly stable. I've been told I overbuild things. I built a full size loft bed for my daughter a few years ago that weighed over 300lbs just in the frame. :)


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Impressive! When I get bored I just watch TV... great job! And there's no such thing as overbuilding things in my opinion.
Very nice. So does the bike stand straight up with no kick stand when the front tire is chocked?
Oh, so you're one of those mechanically inclined builders who when you're done, the thing works and there are no parts left over. I couldn't make something that could lift and balance a tricycle.

Well engineered and it meets a need.

Next time when you're bored just take a nap.
Thanks. Yes, the bike stands up by itself, though I did tie it down just in case using soft ties that go around the bottom triple clamp. And while in most all cases, things work when I'm done, that doesn't always mean there aren't parts left over. :) And I like naps too.
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