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I just ordered a pro tuner from Dale Walker at holeshot.com I already bought the Vance/ Hines urban brawler but Holeshot has a nice 4/1 with different slip on options. I didn't pull the trigger on the exhaust not knowing for sure if it would clear my bags.

I also bought a Corbin seat from him. He had special pricing at only $235 it's a steal. His website is worth checking out as he is adding new items for our bike.

You can view the actual Dino heet before and after the pro tuner and exhaust.
It's impressive,

I'll post a ride report following the installation...I'm likin my chops, can't wait

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That's a unique way to buy exhaust. They have plenty of options and combinations. It's very customizable even down to them allowing you to pay $5 to purchase a logo plate and advertise for holeshot.

The cans remind me of danmoto and if they were carbon fiber they resemble leo vince corsa. For less money, you can get carbon fiber 8" minis from delkevic.

You can't go wrong with urban brawlers.
Holeshot has been in business a loooooong time and Dale has done some great work, especially w/bikes like the Bandit, ZRX, FZ1. I'm gonna bet his work w/the N1K will be no less than superb too.

Looking forward to your results.
Dale would sell way more if he priced his at 750.00. He's also a drag racing legend who wont screw people.

Dale is no Dan Moto.....Dan, from his home in China, can make the same silencer fit a Ninja 1000, Ninja 250, or Ducati...Triumph, too! Delkavik, same story. Notice that neither place will show a pipe mounted in their home page? Delkavik shows the bike, but the stock exhaust is in place...heck of an advertisement, but theres a reason for that.

Poor Dale, in America, only makes his fit one bike, and he dyno tests it.

The price may be similar, but one built his as an alternative to high dollar slipons and full systems, yet offers a big performance improvement. The other clabber assed something from existing stock and may have made a link pipe..maybe..if one was not already available. You wont get custom layed up carbon, rolled by topless ladies, for 300.00.

It will be up to the buyer to figure out which is which.
Just a note regarding Dale Walkers character and integrity. I committed to buying the Corbin seat at almost $100 more from him. After I gave him my credit card for the purchase, the next day actually he emails me to tell me he got a special price from Corbin and my final charge would be $100 less than quoted. That's rare these days. I don't know Dale and never had done business with him prior to this transaction however, he has earned my future business for sure.
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Character/Integrity is what you do when no one is watching.

I have no idea what's inside, they could be made of titanium and iridium or some other rare element, but they do LOOK like a cross between danmoto and leo vince corsa. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Performance and craftsmanship is important but it does have to be cosmetically appealing as well.

I've had a good experience with Delkevic on 2 separate bikes.
Tony, your point is right on the money in the money sense. Leo Vince is the perfect example. They have a low end, and a high end exhaust. No problem, except they both look the same, and I'll explain.

I bought the low end for my Ninja 1000. I believe i paid 432.00 for both sides. Aluminum with a plastic end cap. The oen on my Concours 14 is carbon/carbon, and twice the money. I know, carbon vs aluminum, but visually, they look the same, other than color. I think a lot of times, high prices get thrown on because they can. Or, in the case of Akra.....what do you do, stop into the UPS store in Slovania?

You wont have trouble with even the lowest quality systems. They dont do anything vs a shock, brake calpers, or a set of forks. What you wont see with cheap is good mounting systems, performance improvements, or time consuming bends that make it look better.

You'll find Leo Vince to be on the quiet side, and tuned to work with a stock bike. Drop a Leo Pipe on a stock bike, and it WILL run good. No need to mess with fuel maps. You cant do serious r and d and charge 150.00 per exhaust.

In ways, you do get what you pay for, to a point...sorta, kinda...

I'd argue a lot more seriously if they were all priced like Muzzy, Holeshot, Leo Vince lv1. Hard to do when so many brands are price fixed through Parts Unlimited....
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Holeshot Pro Tuner on '14 N1K

Hey Fjscott. Curious if the pro tuner worked on your 2014. i installed one on mine and it did not work. Bike acted like it was getting no fuel. Went back to stock and it fired right up. If you haven't installed it yet I would wait and talk to Dale as he is discussing the problem with Dobeck performance today. Good luck.
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