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High speed tank slap

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What up people?
I have a 2013 ninja 1000 and I replaced the OEM tires after 3700 miles. I installed a set of Michelin Pilot Road 3s on and went from 190/50 to 190/55. Bike feels great at slow speeds but any the above 115 it starts to tank slap, wobble, etc whatever you want to call it. It becomes unstable I can't get past 130 safely. It did not do that on the stock tires. Just a little more background the suspension is still at the stock setting.
Has anyone had this issue or know anyone who had, please let advise.
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I've never encountered that with my 14. Are your tires balanced properly? I've had mine over 140 on the stock 190/50, but I think I've only been up to 125 on the 190/55. But I never encountered that issue.
Yeah the tires have been rebalanced twice. The front tire has been replaced also. I'm wondering if it's because I changed the profile of the rear tire.
Nope, no hard or soft bags. The only changes I made to it was a installing a new set of pp3 replacing the stock OEM BT016 tires. I changed the profile of the rear tire from 190/50 to 190/55. On the OEM tires it sprinted to its top speed with no issues. Now it can't get pass 130 without becoming unstable and going into a high speed wobble. At normal highway speeds it's solid I.e. 90 mph but above that it becomes uncharacteristic.
Did you make sure the left and right adjusters were on the same mark before and after tightening the rear axle? I haven't double checked the alignment to make sure the marks are accurate, but it's close enough that I haven't had problems.
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