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Hi there from Berkeley CA

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Hi Ninjas,

I am riding a 2014 Ninja 1000. Got it new last week. I am German, so I am trying to bring some German culture into the country by riding here like I am on an Autobahn like back home. :D
I am looking forward to be part of this community and if you are in the SF Bay Area and up for some riding let me know.


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Welcome Markus
Don't let us slow you down
Welcome Markus. You won't find many roads in USA where you can run like portions of the Autobahn.
Just remember, we're probably not good for bail money if you get nailed!
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Welcome from Hayward Ca.
Welcome from Southern California. You're not going to find very many drivers in this state that even come close to the skills of a driver on the Autobahn. Be safe!
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Welcome starkus... just south of you is SR25. Lightly patrolled, autobahn-like straights and plenty of twistys mixed in. I heard this from a "friend of a friend" who may occasionally go there to whack open a throttle once in awhile.... ;-)
Guten Morgan, Heir Starkus. Einz tag werden vir suzamankommen. But I doubt if that'll happen, San Fran is a bit of a distance from Pa. I hope I said/spelled that correctly.
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