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Hi Guys ;-)

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Another noobie here ;-) this is my 2016 ninja 1000 abs with new (slipper clutch for 2016 model ) 2 days old and I live in Australia.....



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Does it have that new bike smell?
I see some accent stripes. It's similar to "special edition" on Ninja 300.
Beautiful bike... welcome to the forum
Welcome to Ninja Forum

Nice looking bike .. Let us know how the clutch feels after you ride for a few days.
Thank you guys the bikes OMG ive come from riding a 650 ninja to this I'm never going back ;-) the slipper clutch for 2016 model is really nice I can down shift and not have to worry about a thing ....
Welcome. I came from a Versys 650. Huge difference! I'd like to hear more about what a slipper does for you.
ive never used a slipper before but I remember my ninja 650 used to lock up some times when I downshifted and now it doesn't feels strange really cos I can come in to a corner now drop down and nothing happens bike doesn't even really rav to much from going from lets say from 4th to 1st and that's good for me being my first big bike.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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