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Hi All!! Is winter over yet...

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Hey everyone! My name is Dan. Glad to find a Ninja 1000 forum, as I was on the Z forum before, but glad this is dedicated to our bikes. I have a 2012 Ninja 1k (Black and Grey).

Still snow on the ground here but I know the season is coming in the next couple weeks, so im sure ill be posting more soon!
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Welcome frozen tundra dweller.
I saw snow flurries this morning in Queens.
I have a feeling we're all playing the role of April Fool.

This is a nice specifically dedicated forum.
Glad to have another rider in the forum.
Sorry to hear about the snow up there. It's supposed to be near 80 here just about every day this week. Maybe we should develop snow tires for bikes so that you Yankees can ride all year round !!
Jealous Warprints! Ya, the snow isnt even the worst part! POTHOLES are insane this year. No joke they will swallow entire bikes! Most counties in Western New York have already busted their budgets for roadwork already for the year lol.

Plus the inch of salt still stuck to the road....grrrrr
Welcome, surprised to see someone from WNY on this forum. I winter in Florida, so my Ninja is down here & will be staying here. Fortunate to have enough bikes to leave one in Lancaster. :D
Glad to find someone so close! Hope Florida is treating you well! 219 is almost un-rideable for early this year. Buddy broke a tail light in his truck cause the potholes were so violent on way to holiday valley!

Stay in Florida as long as you can lol
We hit 70 today...it's about time. Unfortunately it is forecast to get cooler again next week.
The potholes are scary for sure. I hit one with my car that damaged the rim.
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