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Hgh speed head weave

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Hi listers,
I have a 2012 N1K with 7000 miles and on a high speed jaunt through some back roads with Givi bags loaded I experienced the beginning of a slow head weave as the speedo approached 135 mph. The road surface was not the smoothest but still ...... I have installed the California Scientific touring windshied and it was in its highest position. (don't know if this has any bearing). No great amount of cross winds. The bike broncoed a lot due to the road surface but remained essentially stable all the way up to 135. Needless to say I backed off from this scary situation.
Any one with a similar experience? Any recommendations?
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I have had a similar weave when riding at high speeds with my factory Kawasaki bags on my '14 N1K. This does NOT happen when the bags are not on.
I'm sure it is mostly the aerodynamics involved with this. Your Givi bags stick out even more than my Kawasaki QR bags, but nonetheless, it will cause a disturbance in the force...
I was at slightly greater speeds this past weekend and experienced no issues, bike was solid as a rock. No bags, Not tucked, Nat screen in full upright.

Probably just wind and road interacting on your machine.
At those speeds EVERYTHING gets amplified. I would say it was aerodynamic but to ease your mind check wheel alignment. Here is a very easy method to do it.

Ask Kevin: What’s the Best Way to Check Motorcycle Wheel Alignment?
Givi bags loaded.......

Theres your issue. The concours 14 will do the same thing. Next high speed run, try dropping the back some and add a click or two of rebound damping.
Thanks, guys your responses are appreciated. Will try with no bags and rear spring one click tighter (it is at the recommended 7 clicks in and I wegh 190)
One evening I was, uh, making sure myconcours14 could use the numbers, all of them, on its speedometer. An evening where a person needed fuel every 25 minutes.

Anyway, it started that weave at speeds over 130. I dropped the back end, added two clicks of rebound, and it made it much better.

Still, much heavier bike with about the same amount of bag weight. Your results may be different.

A steeering damper makes these high speed runs almost like cheating. You could drink a soda at 125 with one on your bike.
I experienced the same thing at near the same speed with my KQR factory bags empty and posted about it on RiderForums. Does not happen with bags off. I no longer run with the bags on unless I need to carry something in them.

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