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These are really good, thoughtful answers...thank you! I've had my RR for 4 years since buying it new in 2017. The only time I find it uncomfortable is in traffic (slow riding) and on long, flat, straight stretches, but since I live 5 minutes from a road that goes for hundreds of miles in the mountains, I'm rarely in traffic or trundling along straight, flat roads. I had a second bike (BMW F800GT) for those days when I just felt like cruising, and regret selling in now (what was I thinking? It was a nice, comfy bike...).
So, I have the 2016 F800GT and I will have it until I can't ride. I've got it set up as my economical sport touring ride when I want to carry whatever and just enjoy the road trip. Sure, it's not a liter bike, but at 60MPG fully loaded and just cruising, and romping on it whenever the twisities are in view, it's a great all-around bike for the sport-touring money.

Then there's my 2019 Ninja 1000 when I want more power. I'm 5' 7" @ 190lbs, a true sport rider, and I have to agree that the N1K has some limitations. The ergo's fit my height perfectly. I actually have fewer hip/knee aches on long rides compared to the F800GT, even though the BMW has the plush ride and I have Sargent seats on both bikes. The engine is buttery smooth, and plenty powerful for sport touring. BUT, the stock suspension needs professional adjustments if you lean towards the sport riding spectrum. For example, once I had a shop work with me to adjust the front & rear suspension for my body weight and carrying an average of 20lbs total between the side cases, it handled like a completely different bike. I can live with the stock front suspension now that it's adjusted correctly. Fully loaded I was finally able to dog more nimble and lighter naked bikes in mountains curves, not just the straights. However, the rear shock is fully maxed out to gain that degree of cornering confidence. I have two options - I can have Traxxion Dynamics re-valve and respring the rear shock during the winter. OR I can lose about 25lbs, which would be the cheaper and overall better option due to the health benefits I should be focusing on instead of spending more money. I'm getting new tires installed right now, I'm just waiting for the shop to give me prices on some brands/models I think should be on this bike out the dealer door (I didn't even get 4500 miles out of the front Bridgestone S20). I installed Puig windscreen, and I had 2WDW flash the ECU.

So for me, the N1k is a keeper, too. I'm 59, fit, and enjoy riding hard. However, I'm past testing my fate and possibly leaving my teenager fatherless. I've had experience on the RR, but I reserve that pleasure for my California Superbike School vacations. That level of fun stays at the track.
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