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Hello from VA!

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I purchased a 2014 Ninja 1000 ABS back in the summer. Color is Candy Cascade Blue. Unfortunately the hard bags were back-ordered when I got the bike. So far have put close to 1000 miles on it. It has been nothing short of amazing. Before this I had a 2002 Suzuki Hayabusa for a few months, and a 1992, Honda Nighthawk CB750 prior to that.

I just got Keiti mini-spools after reading the thread on here. Looks like there's plenty of clearance! I haven't ridden it with the spools on though, but from reading and seeing the clearance, it should be fine.

Side question. I was offered a bike lift from a relative, which I have never used a bike lift before. Would this be useable on the Ninja 1000?

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Welcome to the forum.

I also bought a new Blue Ninja 1000 in the spring; got about 1800 miles on stock bike. I am enjoying the thrill with every ride.

I had a similar lift I used on my Harley. I don't think it will work on the Ninja.
The bike frame needs to be exposed and clear of components for that type of lift to work. Most people used a spool lift that cradles the required 8mm spools. I use the T-Rex racing spool lift on mine, there are a dozen other lifts that will work just fine. Ride safe.
Nope, that lift will not work safely. I'm sure it can be done but the chance of the bike falling wouldn't be worth the effort to me.
Welcome VA
I guess your riding season will end soon, maybe this weekend. What part of the Commonwealth do you reside?
I have used a similar lift under my FJR and VFR headers and it works fine ... IF the bike is on the centerstand, and all I want to do is get the front wheel off the ground.

I'm not sure I'd use it on the Ninja. Spools and front and rear stands are the way to do.

On the other hand, that lift is great for getting my mash tun up high enough to let gravity drain into my brewpot ...
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