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Hello from Phoenix, Arizona!

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Have been lurking in these forums for the last 6-9 months. Just got myself a 2014 Ninja 1000 earlier this week. This is used (although I prefer the word "pre-owned" :D) with 3,700 miles on it. First owner bought in in June 2014.

Coming from a Ninja 300 and then a Yamaha FZ6R. I bought the Ninja brand new in June 2013, sold it in 3 months. Got the FZ6R brand new in Sep 2013 - looking to sell it now that I've got the 1000.

Oh, wow! What a ride this bike is! I haven't felt this good since.... I don't even remember. :D

I expect to own this bike for a long, long time....

Looking forward to learning from this group :)
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Welcome! How is the riding in Phoenix? Any good twisties close by?
Welcome Stalker
Phoenix must be close to LA in riding season length.
Welcome & hopefully your bike is the much faster color, Lime Green. :)
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Been way too long since I rode in AZ but Yarnell to Flagg was an Awesome ride... as long as you did it on the weekdays. Bought my first Ninja ('85 900) from Sam at Kaw of Phx on Feb 26th 1985! Still in the garage sitting next to the '14
Thank you all for the warm welcome!

Chagall: Yes, we do have a few good rides around Phoenix - Payson, Show-Low, Globe

Loop. But surely not as many as California.

Tony: Yes, very close to LA in terms of Riding season. Short story: we never need to winterize our bikes. But there are a couple of months in summer that are too hot. You have to get your ride in before 7 am.

Mikey: You guessed right! It is a Candy Lime Green..

Edeh: I have yet to do the Yarnell to Flagstaff on a bike. Have done it several times in my car. Beautiful drive!
Welcome Nik, well done on your choice, of both bike and forum to join!
Welcome Nik, well done on your choice, of both bike and forum to join!
Thanks, Brit.. I've a lot to learn :)
Well it looks like you are learning already - right progression of bikes and I am sure the N1K is going to satisfy you for a long time to come, I know I am in no hurry to replace mine, that's for sure!
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