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Hello from Oz

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Hello everyone,

I don't have a N1k, my current ride is a Honda CBR500r, in Australia this is a learner legal bike, the N1k is high on my list of bikes for when I'm allowed to ride a "grown up bike" :D

I thought I'd register and trawl the forum for advice and opinions.

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Cheers right back at you. How much longer before you can ride an N1K? We don't have graduated licsensing in USA but I'm not convinced it wouldn't be a good idea.
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Cheers for the welcome. Dec 16 is when I can walk into the Roads and Traffic people and ask them to convert my licence to a full licence for a fee of $24.

After that I am legally allowed to ride any bike sold in Aust.

For now I have 4 bikes I want to test ride.

Ninja 1000
VFR 800
CBR 650F
Suzuki GSR 750 (naked)

I am partial to Honda, but I have an open mind.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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