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Hello from Omaha

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Hey All,

Proud owner of a '14 Ninja 1000 ABS, coming from an '06 Z750S...

Have only made a few cosmetic changes to it thus far:

Puig wind screen
Blue reflective rim tape
Removed large white Kawi stickers
Added small Kawi logo to replace stickers

Also have the rear seat and tank bags in conjunction with the hard factory bags

All of this can been seen in my photo gallery...

Future plans:

Akra exhaust header and slip ons, not sure on all of this yet
190/55 rear (Pilot Road 4's on front and rear)

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2d to say welcome. Hate to rain on your future plans but Akra exhaust isn't currently going to fit a '14 with factory hard bags. I work at a large multi line dealership in parts dept & am always looking thru catalogs for aftermarkets accessories. Newest update from Parts Unlimited shows exhausts from Akro but with the note that neither full or slip ons will fit with Kawi hard bags. Check out the exhaust sub section here for other options.
Hard bags allow stock, M4 and urban brawlers. Maybe akra megaphone.
Ya, I was thinking the urban brawlers with the Akra header. Not a can of worms I want to open yet, but I do hate the look of the cat on there. Probably going to wait until I hit 5000+ miles before I start jacking around with the exhaust.
Hey All, been a while since I made a post, either been out riding or dealing with winter :(

Anyways, I made a few changes to the bike this year. Installed the Urban Brawler exhaust tips, love the sound! I also swapped out the seat for a corbin, I used some rubber grommets when mounting the seat, this eliminated any vibration that came through. Essentially I used the stock seat as an example and picked up some grommets at a local hardware store. After a couple of rides I definitely notice a big difference as I am not feeling beat up after an extended ride :)

I also made a tire change, I upgraded to the PR4's front and back and went with the 190/55 on the rear. This change has made a noticeable difference in the handling of the bike, more specifically steering/cornering. I have yet to ride in wet conditions but I expect good things based on research...

I have noticed that with the tire change and seat change, the bike is just a bit taller and there is a bit more sliding into the tank. Having added the tankster grip pads last year, I am able to control this well and expect this to fade away as I break in the corbin.

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Awesome additions... thanks for the update!
When it rains, it pours!

I decided that since I did the urban brawler slip on's that I would also install a K&N air filter and add the PCV. This is mainly out of fear of running to lean.

I found this post on rider forums that mentions that the PCV for the '14 Z1000 works on the '14 N1K:

Power Commander PCV for 2014 Ninja 1000, 2013 vs 2014 Akra header, etc.

So in the coming week I will be installing these. A little disassembly will be required but nothing too terrible.

I will be sure to post some comments once this is done and try to remember to snap some pics along the way...

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Went even more crazy, ordered the Akro full exhaust system (4 into 1 with slip-on). Hoping by the end of next weekend to have all of this installed.

When all said and done, should have full exhaust kit installed, PCV, and K&N filter. May pick up the Ivan AI removal kit as well...

Wish me luck :)
Dang... goin' for it! Looking forward to pics and your impressions on performance increases!
Dang... goin' for it! Looking forward to pics and your impressions on performance increases!
Yup, went a lil crazy :) Should be fun...
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PCV is installed, what a pain in the arse :) I ran the bike after the install but did not load any maps, just left it alone for the 1st ride to make sure it works. I loaded a map from the '14 Z1000 but I have yet to ride it, will do so tomorrow.

I also noticed when taking the air box out for the PCV install there was an insert under the air filter that can be removed. I went ahead and removed this as it looked very restrictive. I'll post an image of this later...

Here are some pics I took while doing the PCV. Shown is the quick tool I used to unplug the injector clips :) along with the plate I removed from the air box. I did not notice any difference in the intake sound by removing this. Curious if anyone else has removed this plate from under the air filter as well?



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