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Hello from Ohio

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My Brother and I own 2014 n1k's. Mine is CLG his CB. Love the bike. Subscribed after reading post on here for the last 2 months :).
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Welcome! My family is from the Marion area, how about you?
Welcome Buckeye
Who's fastest you or your brother? And which one does mom love more?
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I am in Westerville.

I am faster. But only because I have done track days.

different moms :)

We typically ride around Coshocton to Athens. I haven't done Hocking Hills on the n1k yet.. It turns in a bit slower than my GXXR did but at least I don't need to stop every 45 minutes to do yoga :) Going a bit slower is probably going to keep in shiny as well :)
Gary, good answers to ToNy's questions - he's a wee bit "controversial" as we used to say back in the "old" country, but like all of us here he's friendly! I guess neither of you are doing much riding at the moment with the rather drastic change in weather?! Can you clarify what you mean by CLG & CB though, I didn't register any different versions for the 2014 model.
Candy Lime Green
Candy Blue - although I am guessing at that name :)

Yes Ohio or actually almost everywhere in the states is pretty cold right now.

More time to be on forums LOL!
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Thanks for pointing that out, I bought a Green 2013 model, the only other option was a white version that wasn't an option for me at all. To honest the green looked great anyway and I like the balance of green and black for my year; no offense, but I found the 2014 CLG had a bit too much green in it, although it wasn't an isue as I bought mine in January 2013.
None taken. I never figured on liking green so much. But this green is just beautiful. I see oncoming riders snap their necks to see the bike!

I think it is because it looks a like a jolly rancher green apple candy and they probably just have a sweet tooth :)
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LOL, the green does stand out somewhat! Mine has still got that impact, but with the green broken up with the back tank! I'm with you, I never thought I'd like a green bike so much; I had a ZX-9R E1 in red and black that I thought was stunning and a Yamaha YZF-600 (Thundercat in the UK) in red, black and white, but the N1K is without doubt the best bike I have ever had, the riding position is comfortable without being like an arm-chair, the engine is phenomenal with dump-truck loads of torque and it looks great as well.
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