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Hello from New Mexico, the land of enchantment

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Hey everyone,

I'm Bart, i've been on the forum a few weeks now. some of you may have seen some of my posts.
I'm a long time Buell fanatic, love my older tube framed, hand built Buell.
Really liked the XB I had, with the fuel in the frame, and oil in the swingarm, underslung exhaust. Erik was way ahead of his time. It's a shame he was shackled by Hardley with his ideas. I've since sold most of my Buells, but still have an 1125, which by far, is the best handling bike I've ridden.
I bought the ninja, hoping it could replace the Buell, and with it's hard bags, provide me with a good sport touring platform. I used to have an ST1300, which was a great bike for long distance, and surprisingly agile for it's weight, but at 60yrs old, I don't think I'm going to pick up any 800 lb bikes. The Ninja looked like a good compromise, and with the exception of the chain, a perfect sport touring bike.
I like the bags, wish they were a little bigger, but really like the design of the mounting system, and how easy it is to put them on and off.
I like the motor, I miss the tons of torque of the v-twin, but am liking the smoothness of the I4. It's down a few HP from the Buell, but still puts out decent power. the gearing is weird, and I'm hoping a sprocket change will fix this short shift gear box.
the suspension just plain sucks, I've got it dialed in about as best as I can.
I'm liking the riding position, it's comfortable, I lowered the pegs, to stretch my legs a bit, but now I grind them way too soon :(
the seat just plain sucks, I got the "optional" gel seat thrown in when I bought the bike, it's not much better. I'm going to try a custom seat next.
I bought the factory tank bag, and tail bags. they are great, work well, and look good. the tank bag is roomy, and has a spot on top for either a gps, phone, or spot device. pretty cool.
so far, I've added a taller windshield, heated grips, power port, and remote garage door opener.

I ride a lot, I have 7 bikes, and do all kinds of riding. Sport riding, sport touring, adventure riding, dirt biking, cruising. I think I've got a bike for every purpose. :D
I organize a ride along the AZ/NM state line every spring, I've posted it in the regional section.
Of course, you can catch me at least once a month tearing up the back roads of Colorado. the rockies are awesome, everyone should experience them one day. The Dragon? A mere lizards tail compared to the mighty Devils highway in Arizona.

Have a great day, and Ride to Lean!
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Welcome to the Land of Enchantment.
AMC's Breaking Bad and now Better Call Saul have put a spotlight on ABQ.
Welcome aboard Bart. I need to take a look at that OEM tank bag.... I didn't even realize that was an accessory.

I'm only 8 hours from the Devil's Highway... may need to add that one to the bucket list.
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Hello boddy !!!!
Thanks for the welcome everyone
Sprockethead, check out this thread:

It's always a great ride!
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Welcome Bart,
I look forward to chatting with you about your beautiful state.
Hope to visit some day, soon!
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