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Hello from NE Ohio

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I previously owned a ZX-14 and several HD touring models. I just picked up a 2011 Ninja 1000 with Givi bags and a touring wind screen. I'm in Ohio east of Cleveland. I'm looking forward to learning about this bike.
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First to say Welcome!! Great choice in bikes. :D
Welcome. That would be an interesting comparison between the zx-14 and the N1K. Are you close to Conneaut Lake or the WV panhandle? I used to live in Pittsburgh and we were supposed to dislike Cleveland dwellers.
I will attempt to rise above that.
Thanks. I'm about 15 miles east of Cleveland. I'm a lifelong Browns fan. I dislike the little yellow dish clothes, but I too will try to rise above that. I'm a newbie on the 1000, but so far they are very different. The 14 is smoother and obviously hits like a ton of bricks when you twist the throttle. I had risers on it but still couldn't get comfortable on anything longer than 100 miles at a time. I'm hoping the 1000 will be a better all around bike once I get it where I want it.
Oh no you didn't. You dare utter blasphemy against the holy towel.
How much thought went into the development of your logo. I can't push that point too much because our one sided logo happended because the trainer ran out of decals. It's a good thing there's profit sharing in the NFL cause I don't see much demand for Cleveland merchandise. Steeler Nation vs. Brown Town.

Ok, I feel better now. Blood pressure returning to normal levels.;)

I thought the zx-14 had better ergos than the other Super Sports but I guess it's still not considered comfortable. I think you'll enjoy the N1K.
I certainly haven't ridden enough different sport bikes to compare, but from what I hear, the 14 is considered comfortable in that class. I wanted to build mine into a sport-tourer, but for the cost of bars, wind screen, seat, bags, etc, I might as well have just bought a Concours. I could have ridden it to a place like Pittsburgh, for example, if it wasn't for the smell.
You did the right thing by counting the costs before transforming a bike into something that it's not.
I would say the overwhelming majority of forum members use the N1K as a sport tourer. I'm probably one of the exceptions. It's more sport than tour but it can fulfill both roles admirably. Of course the Concours is a dedicated tourer.

Living so long in Cleveland, you're probably unfamiliar with the sweet smell of Victory.
Tony97 - I also use the N1K mostly as a sport bike. If I'm touring, it's likely my wife is with me and she "suggests" we take the Wing.
BTW - Welcome, Toolman
Warprints , with your impressive stable of bikes, you can keep your N1K in the sport niche because you have other bikes for the tour route. With my solo thoroughbred in the garage, I choose to keep it as a sport bike. I'm not a long distance runner. Not that adding and subtracting bags is a major transformation or undertaking.
You would agree that we are the minority in this forum. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Hi Toolman, welcome to the forum. I am also one who uses my N1K more in the sport mode rather than touring as I'm past the stage of putting up with cramped riding positions and sore wrists, - I saw the riding position on the ZX-10R and I could feel my back starting to cease up just looking at it! I also use it for blasts up to LA or around the area to meetings to help beat the traffic, although my favorite are blasts up the Ortega Highway or cruises up/down the PCH. No real intentions of any serious touring on it and I only have a Cortech tank bag and tailpack.
I'm jealous of CA lane splitting and lane filtering...oh and the weather too.
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