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Hello From from Bama

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I've been in the market for a new bike and have spent the last 6 months researching what to get and what I want and need. The N1K fits me perfect, and i'll be picking mine up the week after Christmass! It's a White 2013 ABS with zero miles and I already know i'm going to love it.

I've been a Harley guy for the last ten years, but a motorcycle enthusiest my whole life.
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You're gonna love the handling compared to the old V-twin! With a little tweaking it's a fantastic motorcycle.

Ditch the 190/50's on your first tire change and go with a 190/55. It's a remarkable difference.
Also, one of my favorite mods was to add a heal tech Gear Indicator Pro DS. the Ninja is very short geared, great for canyon carving, but you'll always be looking for that elusive 7th gear when out on the highway.
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Thanks for the info guys, there will be several mods i'll add. I'm ditching the mirrors before it ever leaves the floor and getting the little round ones that go on the end of your handle bars. The next thing will be a fender eliminator. Probably a new windshield.
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