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Hello from Auckland, New Zealand

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Hi all,

I currently have a Ninja 650R as my works vehicle but looking to trade up later in the year, so I've been reading your threads for a while, and thought as a wanna be N1k owner, I might as well take the plunge and register. I'm finding lots of great info on here so thanks for making the effort and taking the time to share.

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Welcome Kiwi
Thanx for listing your location.

I saw a video last week about a "running of the sheep" through some city in NZ.

If you upgrade from the 650, you may lose some mpg but you'll increase your smile factor. A smart man does his research and homework before the decision.
Oops. better clarify that I'm an ex-pat Scotsman who's been in NZ around 8 years now. (Had enough of the 'PC culture' in UK)

Started back using a bike as my main transport about 3 years ago as I'm a contractor so can travel around Auckland a lot and the 650 was (then) a good compromise for MPG, CC and narrowness for filtering through traffic.

Also whilst I'm certified 'T3' for anything pure sports, it's coming to that time to move up.
Welcome & yes the N1K is a great step up from your current ride.
G'day from Canberra Australia and Welcome.
Are you going to go for a test ride ?
Hi Jimmy,

Had a Z1000 for the day from my dealer whilst mine was in for service. Fitted like a glove, and HUGE improvement all round; so the seed was sown. Now just need to make it happen, hopefully later in the year. I heard a rumour that the 15 model may be coming to NZ after March. Not sure how true that is, but ties in with my plans.

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