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Hello from a potential N1K buyer

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Hi everyone,

Like the title says, I'm currently giving a lot of thought to replacing my 2012 FZ1 for a 14-15 N1K. The FZ1 is a great bike, but I find I want to do more sport touring and the luggage options for my FZ are limited to set-ups I either don't like, or are outragous to buy (Factory racks/luggage not available in the states and cost $$$).

Really like the looks and riding position of the ninja, as well as some of the new features for the 2014 model over the 2013. I'll be lurking around here trying to pick up all the info I can, as well as posting asking questions to help me make up my mind.

Glad to be hear guys! :D:D
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Hello MRM!

Realistically, any bike trade is going to cost you money; taxes, registration, difference in price, new seat, exhaust, other customizations etc. Despite that, you're saying that purchasing the luggage options you want for your FZ1 is still too expensive?
Hello MRM!

Realistically, any bike trade is going to cost you money; taxes, registration, difference in price, new seat, exhaust, other customizations etc. Despite that, you're saying that purchasing the luggage options you want for your FZ1 is still too expensive?
This is true and has been considered deeply. The Factory cases for the FZ1 are the same as those for the FJR; problem is they never imported any of these parts in the states. I can order all of the items from Canada, but it is literaly just shy of $2k. I could order just the racks and attaching hardware, then search for used FJR luggage, then paint said luggage if found, but nothing saying that option will be any cheaper. There are less expensive after market systems out there (Givi) for the FZ, but they are not an option as i think they look terrible on the FZ.
Yes, $2k is less than the $4-6k difference it would be to change bikes, but I would also be getting TC, ABS and PWR modes not available on the FZ1. These things are what I would call nice to have's, not must haves, but they are added benefits of the new bike. PLus, the Ninja (14-15) looks great with panniers.

The FZ will only continue to go down in value and new bikes will only cost more, so it seems like a good time for the switch. I like the idea of having something that is purpose built for the task at hand rather than adapting a bike into something it's not (an all to common practice in the motorcycling world).

Only time will tell what and when I get a new bike, for at the moment I'm just looking.
Thanks for the reply
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The insurance on the FZ1 is probably gonna be cheaper than the insurance on the N1K. I chose the N1K because it had traction control and abs. I had traction control on melting icy mountain roads, it works and made me a believer.

The FZ1 can be setup to look like a mean street fighter, they are gorgeous.

It comes down to your preference but both will give you different experiences.

When I was looking at bikes, I looked at 2010 VFRInterceptor, 2010 k1200r, 2010 k1200s, 2008 N1k, 2010 FZ1, 2014 FZ09 and 2014 N1K. I finally went with the 2014 N1K because of the accssible preload adjustment, traction control and abs. Plus, I got my bike bnew for 10k with the bags! I thought it was a steal considering its bnew. The only downside is the insurance, I pay $359/year. The other bikes, my insurance company quoted me $189-225.

This is the video that convinced me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSjhr1aHpeE
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I think you will find a lot of us are 'seasoned' enthusiast. With that said the N1k delivers a great SPORT touring experience at an affordable price. I had gone through a similar list of alternatives. The VFR 1200 is a great bike.. but its much bigger and quite a bit heavier. It does have more power. The bmw's I ruled out because of initial and overall expense - but they are awesome. I think the real competitor to the n1k is going to be future delivers such as the new suzi gsx.. But you can say that about any future motorcycle I suppose.

Good luck with your decision, I think you will find the Kawi is really hard to beat.
Angelo and Gary, you both have great points and I as well think of myself as a seasoned enthusiast. My previous bikes include the ZRX1200, 919, Tuono R, R1100S boxer cup and the R1200GS.

The naked FZ1 is sweet and sometimes I wish I could keep mine, do the naked headlight and buy another bike, but I live in a condo and parking is at a premium.

I love the idea of the ABS and TC, as I have no problem riding in the rain, dirt and have been out when ice could be encountered. The preload adjuster to immensely practical as my wife enjoys riding with me and the ability to quickly adjust for a passenger is great (enjoyed that on the GS). I like the adjustable screen for the same reason, quick adjustments to suit the mood.

I do expect the insurance will be more than the FZ1, but fortunately that really isn't a determining factor for me at this point.

I've done the BMW thing and I do like their new R1200RS, but I am having the same struggles with, "Do I really want to spend the extra $, and what do I get for those extra $$."

So really what I come down to is I need 1 bike that can; be fun racing around back country roads, can do long distance sport touring, can handle poor road conditions, can carry a passenger reasonably comfortable (as comfortable as the rider) and that doesn't put an unnecessary burden on my play money. I know, there is no one perfect bike, but I am a firm believer in the concept of, "better is the enemy of good," and am willing to pick up something that is just good, as opposed to perfect, at all of the things that I want in a motorcycle...today :)
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