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I came across this site while doing some reading on the 1000. Been riding about 6 years now and still on the mighty 250. Does what I need it to do and has been a lot of fun. I have never upgraded because the older 650 looked a little fugly to me and the SS riding position does not appeal to me at all but I love how they look. At 45 I'm not looking to get to 100 for any reason just want a good looking bike that doesn't make my hands go numb.Im finally at a point were even the riding position of the 250 is making the hands go numb and the back hurt so I need to upgrade this year.
Last year while getting parts the sales guy said when are you going to upgrade stunned I still had a 250. I said when someone makes something that appeals to me. A guy chimed in and said the N1000 is for you and I laughed at the thought of a liter bike. They both explained why the 650 and 1000 were both reasonable choices and were not SS. I sat on it and fell in love with it left to do my homework. After a good year of reading reviews and looking the N1 seems to be perfect,looks great has a comfortable riding position and reasonable power. Funny for the last three years I thought doesn't this figure I'm at a point in my life that I can afford whatever I want the insurance companies have stopped bending me over yet I can't find a bike that looks good and has a reasonable riding position. Kawi seems to have made this bike for people in my position. I planned to wait out the summer and buy in the fall but I might just have to pay the premium for a spring time purchase. Looking forward to being a regular reader here.
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