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HELLLLP: 2015 Ninja_ from South Africa_ Issues ..help!!

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Hi , my BRAND NEW (0km) bike , Angel GT 190/55 rear. ABS light stays lit , then engine warning and KTRC light come on, and all the traction control indicators start flashing (after approx 2km)
Anyone have a clue ???:confused:
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speed sensor

Check the speed sensors on the front and back wheel. My front one caused an issue on a previous bike, and the light would stay on. Hope this helps.
Thanks Adam , appreciate the reply. Back to the dealer today!
Please share what the dealer found to be the issue & how they resolved it.
That's a lot of issues! Welcome and I too am interested to hear what the dealer has to say....
I had similar issue with check engine warning and KTRC light after washing my bike. Suspect the socket for my top box light got wet and triggered a minor short circuit. After drying it with the air hose, it was fine again.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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