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Heated gear

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Not really sure what forum to put this in. I figured this is the best since there is not an apparel section. I recently installed Oxford heated grips on my N1K but I've found that having heated gloves helps as well. This reminded me of a contact I have involved in the motorcyle gear and apparel industry.

They have a good connection with one of the main companies making heated gear. The company is Warm & Safe, the Home of the Warmest Clothing in the Universe. They make heated gear for a lot of other companies but under that company's brand name.

Anyway I have a discount code that you can use if you want to order directly from them. The discount varies a bit but it normally is a 15-18% discount depending on items.

PM if you are interested. I don't make a commission or anything from this. You just enter a code at checkout and you save $$$. I've been using their gear for over 6 years now and I still have my original heated jacket liner. I am going to upgrade to the Gen4 version now. You can use it as a normal jacket when not on the bike.
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+1 on the Warm n Safe heated gear. I have a Gen 3 jacket liner, and a set of gloves and love them.
+2 on Warm-N-Safe. I've got the Gen 4 liner, gloves and the remote hookup.
I live in Maine and could not be happier with this gear. One of THE best investments for riding I've ever made.
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Im glad i live in Australia and don't have to worry about heated gear. Save myself a lot of money. I cant imagine riding in those temperatures and needing heated grips and heated jackets and stuff.
Dont get me wrong its sometimes gets quite cold where is live, but its normally only for a few days here and there. I dont think i wore my winter gloves once this year. LOL
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Even in LA, it can get a bit cool in the mornings here and up in the mountains not far away you can see snow. That is what I love about California, such wide & diverse areas to ride in. You get mountain, deserts, ocean, etc. all within an hour of each other and sometimes less. Even at 60F or about +15C, I still love having the heated grips on when I ride. Thankfully the N1K has decent heat management for when I am in the desert but I have a good evaporative vest for then.
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