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Healtech Gear Indicator ordered today

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Because of the lack of performance parts for the 14's I am getting all the 'feature' parts.

Today I ordered the Healtech GPDS-k04 IN GREEN!

I have heard the green isn't super easy to see in direct sunlight but I cant resist. Oh these cold Ohio months are going to transform my great bike into a dream :)

Maybe next winter someone will make a box compatible full exhaust :)
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You're going to like the gear indicator. It's super easy to install and it cures you from looking for that elusive 7th gear.

The only catch is that it only reads when you release the clutch and then it takes about half a second to display the gear. Nevertheless, I'm extremely satisfied with it.

I ordered the white display for my -12 as I wanted it to match the instrument display. I've also found glare in direct sunlight to be a problem. I think you need the red to help with the glare, but whatever. It works great.
Me likee. I've considered one periodically, never went through with it.
I placed mine a little closer to the tachometer than yours. It's very easy to catch the indicator in a quick glance.

JohnC, it's a very simple install. The hardest part is to lift up the fuel tank to get access to the wires underneath and piggy back the wire all the way back to the diagnostic plug which is located under the passenger seat.

One suggestion i have, I didn't use the self-adhesive they provided. I attached velcro strips to the indicator and on the instrument dash. this way i can remove it whenever i need to service the bike.
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I am going to try to find a place towards center right. I think I am going to get the Ram mount that uses the left handlebar fasteners and I think it will obscure vision of the indicator if I put it on the left.

I got the green, hopefully I will be able to see it.
What if I don't use the clutch to shift?... Ever? (well, except for first of course). Will the healtech still show my the gear after that delay? GK, you could probably answer that. I'm pretty sure you shift with just your foot, right?
Yep it works clutch-less.

about the only time its week is when you are at a stop and changing gears without letting the clutch out.
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