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So, it's been a month since I complained ed about my seat cover wear. Just after posting this, I realized the cover looked bad. Nothing could make it look any worse....

I decided to fix it. I tried a heat gun. Sometimes that can make vinyl look new. Nothing.

As a last resort, I tried something strange. Years ago, they sold a product to restore motorcycle plastic. I thi k it was called, "Plastic Restore". Clever.

Anyway, I bought the stuff. It worked. All my plastic looked brand new. Good product, but expensive. I finally realized all the product was is re-bottled mop-n-glow floor polish.

So, with that said, heres the seat cover after a months use after I used the mop-n-glow flow cleaner. It's as good as new. A small blotch shows up, under a flash, but you cant see it in real life.
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