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Hand grips

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What kind of grips do you have and why did you choose them? Pictures would be great. I am looking to change from stock and plan on using a throttle meister.
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Just 15 minutes ago I installed a set of Grab On foam grip covers over the stock grips. They are the 1.25-1.45 x 5" ones. I'll find out how well they work tomorrow morning. I like that they make the grip thicker. They're now as thick all the way around as the ends of the stock grips were.


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You just installed grip puppies.


I don't know if these are related to the grip puppy company but they look exactly the same.
Grip puppy is a UK company and Grab On is in Washington state.
Yes, they are two distinct brands that do look similar. The ones I installed just happen to say Grab On on the packaging. Plus, it's what the local Kawa dealer had on the rack. :)
GRAB ON covers worked perfectly for me. The correct length was 4.25" and I believe the diameter size was 1.25 to 1.5". You can buy longer lengths and cut off the excess but I found the 4.25" length just right.
4.25" are perfect. The only reason I know this is because I had to cut 3/4" off of mine. :)
I went out on about an 80 mile ride this morning. It took a little getting used to the thicker grip. They don't move (extra hold, grape flavored hairspray FTW!). They did dampen the vibes somewhat. My left hand didn't go to sleep at all and it took a lot longer for the thumb on my right to go numb, so that's good.
I think I need to get a set of Murph's risers next, as I find myself leaning on my wrists. It takes conscience effort to straighten my back and squeeze the tank. The cycle repeats every few minutes.
I just installed a set of pro grip 699 gels last week. not as straight forward as you might think. The throttle tube has a raised section on each end that the stock grips fit into to keep them in place. Most aftermarket grips don't have that groove or slot in the grip so you might have to cut the end off at least the bar end side with a razor blade, knife or whatever to fit the grip. You can leave the other end on if you want as to not let the grip rub or drag on your throttle tube housing. I carefully cut a slot on the inside of the grip and fit it over the raised lip just like the stockers. Worked great. Don't cut too deep.
Ok, I’m replying 6 years later, but the info was good. I didn’t like how the foam grips the previous owner installed looked. They felt nice, but I like the more direct “feel” of rubber grips. So I also got Progrips #719 grips. I addressed the raised section or ‘flange’ issue that okiesaki wrote about on the throttle grip differently. I used a ring of rubber I cut off to sit on the other side of the raised area, sitting between that side and the bar end weight.
Pro grips 719


See that they are different

fit check!

cut off the flared ends (too long)

I then applied rubbing alcohol and slipped them (very easy)

Looks great!

detail of Throttle Grip


Can’t wait to try them out!
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