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Hi all,

I hope you are all coping ok with COVID and life in general. 馃槉
Hopefully you can still ride wherever you are.

After 15 months riding a Ninja 400 (still love this bike)... i upsized to the 1000SX. 馃槄

Loving it sooo much! I guess you could say i like the colour black!

Water Tire Vehicle Wheel Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

At this stage i am looking at:
1) Delkevic slip on... (simple, good value and in stock!)
2) Rear top box / case rack. (Givi??)
3) Quadlock for phone, or moving my Tomtom across from the 400??
what does everyone else do for navigation?

Any suggestions for improvements / add ons / tips are appreciated.

Ride safe :)

thank you

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G'day Andy, welcome to the SX world.
Hopefully you'll find lots of useful info for your new toy.
There's various posts and comments on all three of the things you're looking at - the forum topics are generally a good guide, and interesting stuff often turns up on unrelated subjects.
For example:- (2) Garmin Zumo Bracket and Install | Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Forum
Nice to see that you already belong to the Ninja club 馃弽. My missus had an old GPX 250 (the forerunner of your 400) which was used to get her riding licence. It was a great bike, especially around town and did a great job for her as a beginner and for me as a fun bike to punt around on.
There is an Aussie section at the bottom of the forum if you have or need local info.

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Hi Andy welcome and congrats on the 1000sx. Great bike. I have the same. My second Kawasaki. Yeh great to be able to do some day trips finally. As MicMac says this is a good site for info and upgrades. Ride safe mate.
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