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Greetings from Omaha, NE

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Greetings! I just ordered my new 2015 Black/Grey Ninja 1000!

I'm coming off a 2013 Concours and before that, a 2006 Triumph Sprint ST. Lowsiding the Sprint caused the insurance company to total it and I got the Concours late last year. It's a great bike but just too heavy. I really miss the Sprint but since they don't sell it in the states any more, I spent the last 6 months researching **** near every bike made. And then I sat on the Ninja 1000. Felt right instantly.

Hopefully get it by the end of the week.

Can't wait to get it!

(I'll probably update the avatar after I get the new bike :) )
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Welcome and congrats!
Just saw a black metallic 2015 at my dealership. I *LOVE* the color. Almost made me wish I would have waited for a 2015.
That's quite a journey that you brought you here but you do have Kawi DNA.

Black is beautiful.
Sweet! I have a black/grey 2012, I love the color combo.
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