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Hi everyone,
as a new member send You greetings. I`ve ridden bikes for few years. My first bike was FZS600 which I sold my friend. Then was for a 4 years VFR 800 VTEC (2004). I loved this bike so much that next bike was VFR800F from 2014. I have this bike for 2 years and something I missed :) I`ve to tried to find something else, something which would have the same benefits (led lights, sport jam) but new bike have to have more comfortable position for log journey. One time on test ride I tried Tracer and Z1000SX and I loved "Z". That ride was like P&P. Since 2018 July I`m loving this green team.
In may this year i swaped 17 to 20 and this bike is now this what I want. New electronics is wonderfull.
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