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Grand Rapids MI new nk1 owner

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Hello I have been cruising this site for awhile now and decided to introduce myself since I finally picked up a 2012 with 1400 miles on it. It came with a few extras like a all carbon yoshI r77 cans , exotech radiator guard, frame sliders, and a rear stand. The guy I bought it from took very good care of it. My previous bike was a 2000 vmax. I told my self I had to get something as fast or faster than the vmax because I ride with those guy alot. I think will do nicely. I have been having a blast on the ninja.
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Welcome ! V-Max .. one of my all time fave bikes. Never owned or ridden one but one I've always wanted. Maybe one day. Enjoy the N1K .. I'm sure you will as most of us are !

You made a transitional step from a power cruiser to a mature sport bike.
Well played.

I road my first vmax in the mid 90's ... I was in love with that bike until I road it...It was so big and so hard to keep the front end down at almost any speed and with no wind protection I felt like I was one twist from being ejected!

I still love the way they look, and the wild man attitude they project.. just didn't like the bike. You are going to love your ninja... it doesnt have the massive hood scoops (well sort of) but its a big baby for riding quickly.
Welcome. You seem to be enjoying the upgrade & I believe you made the right choice. :)
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