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Good vibrations

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Decided to tame the vibes a bit, something I've done to most bikes I've owned only this time went with a homespun method instead of store bought. Had the local machine shop cut me a couple of 1 inch long pieces of stainless steel rod of similar diameter of the stock bar end weights. Then I drilled them at home for the longer stainless bolts I got at the hardware store and mounted them in tandem with the stockers. On the grocery store scale these weighed in about 18 oz. each side. Major buzz killers. Bolts-$2.50 each, steel rod-$5.00 for both. Still needed to drill a concavity on the inboard ends of the new slugs to get them snugged over more towards the center but didn't have a 1 inch metal drilling bit on hand. Gotta take them back off and paint them black too.
If Arlen Ness calls tell him I'm busy but ask him if I can borrow his 1 inch bit.
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Eat your heart out Arlen...

Work in progress


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