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Good Time Protection Plan - Ext Warranty

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Hey guys. My one year is coming to an end in a couple weeks. Have to decide if I want the Kawasaki ext warranty. Any thoughts? What have others paid. Got offered 4 yr for approx 600 from dealer....

I ALWAYS say no to ext warranties, but figured I would ask first. Thanks
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That's about what I was quoted when I bought my '14 in Brandon, Fl. There's always room in that price for negotiations. Dealer is Hebeler's?
Good question. Mine is up in June and I already have 15000 miles on it. An extra 4 years might be a good idea.
Ya Mikey its Hebelers. I do like the fact that its transferable, but I would imagine I could fix an awful lot for 600 bucks... Has anyone really seen any major issues pop up on '11 or '12 Ninja 1k's yet? Didn't see too much online
I passed on my extended warranty too. If I had a Ducati it might be worth it since they are notorious for having issues, especially electrical. My 2011 Kawasaki has been rock solid so far.
You kinda got me thinking the same way... thanks for input.
Hebelers I think is a good dealership. I use them for Suzuki parts for a '79 GS1000S I'm slowly restoring. Glad to see they've acquired KTM also.
I've been reading about this bike since 2011. I've yet to see a post with anythign going wrong that was owner caused..nothing. A few people have gone back for service, and maybe had the tech glance at somehting. I remember a few posts talking about the clutch making noise. There was zero chance of me extending the warranty...on nay motorcycle.

I had a tire pressure sensor replace on my Kawasaki concourrs 14 just because it was under warranty. It was in un-needed, and cost was about 143.00. I did it just because the warranty was ending.

I'd not even pay 200.00 to extend the one on my ninja. At 200, maybe you could talk about resale value...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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