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Good Read on 2014 and Up Tires

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I though my 2014 felt a bit heavy at lower speeds ( under 40mph on roundabouts and turns) and this articles comfirms by testers what i've been feeling with the new tires mounted on the 14 & 15 Models.

Steering is heavy and requires a bit more than normal counter-steering. The report suggests its the new tires mounted on the 2014 because it had not been noticed on previous models. I'm not a fan of Bridgstone and have always changed them out early on other sport bikes to Michelin.
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Very nice info !!!!!!! Thank You for share !!
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I too have noticed this. Is there a better tire out there? I like the Michelin pilot 4's road version. I think. And the 55 over 50 seems to be a choice for the rear, correct?
Wow, that was one of the best reviews of our bike that I've read. I agree with their strange slow steering issue. Mine improved considerably when I raised the front pressure to 42 psi from 37. Good read.
Any issues with wear at the higher pressure? I may do the same...
The stock tires on the 2014 are good, not great.. but good. You'll be surprised that it scored very good in the 2015 motorcycle USA tire shootout.
I want to thank the OP for linking this article. Mc news was influential when I bought my first gen SV 12 years ago and this article sealed the deal on the 2014 ninja 1000 for me. I wish all the reviews were this detailed and balanced. The measurement diagram alone was worth the price of admission. Picking up Saturday. I may start hyperventilating.
They really do know how to write a bike review. Other mags could learn from them.
I was also wondering what that vague feeling in the front was, just tonight the bike felt really weird and I thought I was just riding badly after a long day at work but I'm betting the tire pressure has dropped. It seemed to change from one day to the next, and I think the weight in the fuel tank is another factor with this tire problem as well. I might splash out on new tires at the next service.
I read this article many many times before I finally decided on the N1K. I've been a subscriber for quite a few years. What a great magazine!!
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