Items For Trade:

Wanted! OEM 2020 Ninja 1000 fuel cap mounting ring. Happy to buy outright or swap for my Givi tank bank mounting ring.

My 2020 Ninja 1000 SX came with a Givi tank bag and Givi mounting ring. I am not a fan so wanting to return to original fuel tank cap. Problem: the original fuel cap mounting ring was 'lost' by the original owner. I do not want to buy a whole new cap and ring ($202 AUS!) just to get the mounting ring - you cannot buy it separately.

So, let me know if you want to go to a Givi tank bag set up and happy to swap the OEM mounting ring (you keep your locking fuel cap!) for my Givi mounting ring. If you are in Sydney - two Givi tank bags going real cheap also!!

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Will Trade For:

OEM Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX fuel cap mounting ring