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Givi PLXR4100 side mount help.

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I can't for the life of me figure out where some of these brackets go. I have a fender eliminator which I heard will cause some issues, but I bought my bike that way and don't know what's supposed to be there. The directions are complete garbage in my opinion. If I'm an autobody tech for a living and I can't figure it out, you're instructions suck if you ask me. There are also several bolts that they don't specify at all to where they go. as well. If someone could please snap some pictures of their set up I would be one happy camper. Thanks a ton.
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Looks like after some more research from another forum that I need another 94.00 dollars mounting kit. Oh well, it's just money.
Yep! I did the same thing when I replaced my OEM givi mounts for the quick release type. None of my original hardware worked. Maybe you should have bought my oem mounts that I have posted in the for sale section. Only $100 shipped. No quick removal but solid as a rock:rolleyes:
Sorry, I like the idea of the quick disconnect. I still wouldn't mind having some up close photos of someone kit installed. I see a lot of people still have their grab handles on after the install, but I have mine currently removed to install the upper brackets.
The mount kit comes with different grab rails to tuck the v35's in closer. My factory givi mounts used the oem grab rails and was 4 inches wider overall than the quick mounts.


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Thanks, I'm still a little confused, but maybe when my bolt kit comes in it will all fall together. I'm just an aw that they don't show how things go together.
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