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Giant ugly fender question

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It's been my experience that some fenders function well as mud guards for the rear tire kicking up dirt/water onto the passenger seat/rider seat. For those that have ridden in the rain with a fender eliminator, do you get any mud fling on your back or the passenger area? The tail section looks barely long enough to serve that purpose but I wanted to see if anybody had a direct experience. If it stays clean on top without the fender I'll be removing it but on my previous FZ8 I got a lot of mud kicked up on the seat and onto my back from the short tail section. I appreciate the input!
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Yes the fender is ugly and it's so long I'm surprised it doesn't cause sparks when you ride. By the way, why doesn't kawi inflict this indignity on their other models. The 300 and 650 don't have to deal with the spectacle of shame.

I cut the offending appendage and it looks so much better. I don't get water on my back. I haven't driven in mud so that hasn't been an issue. Fender eliminators are more drastic but look cleaner.

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I cut mine off just below the license plate. Much better. I don't notice any change in the protection from spray. The stock system probably doesn't do that much anyhow.
I've only been in the rain once with the ninja and the underside fender was essentially sprayed with rain/dirt from the road. I'll probably dremel the lower bit off (interfering with the rearstand anyway) by the plate to make it look cleaner. Might integrate later if a brave soul can confirm I'll stay safe from whatever the rear tire kicks up :)
I've gone the whole hog & installed a Yoshimura eliminator and it looks great, "unfortunately" I live in SoCal & I've not had the chance to weather test it! ;)
Please tell me how everything is so green and lush in LA without rain.
I understand why the Emerald City is dark green.
Well possibly because of all the huge pipe breaks they have been having of late! That said there is a lot of artificial grass and the like, but ultimately it's about irrigation! I also don't live in LA, but it's still the same!!!
I installed the R&G Racing Fender Eliminator kit. was a pain to install but it looks so much better. You laugh out loud when you take it off - it's stupid big! When I lived in London I rode in rain almost daily, now I'm in LA.... a few says of rain a year;) great for biking but terrible for my water bill :(
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2014 ninja 1000 motodynamic fender elim kit

honestly I have rode in some pretty soaked roads. with the snow melting here and me just itching for warmer weather I just had to get out to see what my new installs looked like first impression on the fender elim kit is it sucks for the passenger and isn't great for the driver. I was by myself the first trip and kept feeling something hit my head so I took my wife out the second time and she didn't feel anything hit her but when we got home her back was covered in road grime and dirt. The fender on the bike ironically had some use for as big as it is but the fender elim kits don't block anything and your passenger, exhaust, and rear seat(if solo) will get sprayed with anything and everything.
MD Eliminator

You will Get wet....... Just accept it. I was Drizzled on and it got everywhere. Personaly the spray vs that UGLY Fender was a no brain er.
Didn't really care though, Hawaii rarely rains. :p Hope that helps:eek:

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LA has a lot of humidity in the air, too, in the parts you are thinking of. Plus, those seaside areas never get too warm.

I have the muzzy eliminator on my 2012. It does not work well at all for rain blocking, promise that.

What did help overall bike cleanliness was makign a swing arm fender like the 2014 comes with. You have to crawl under the bike to see it. I used a garbage can from staples.
what are the different fender eliminator kits available? I know of the Yoshimura one but it comes in at around 140$..
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