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Gauge cluster vibration

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Have any of you experienced the gauge cluster vibrating when you are say 8k and up in the rev range? I can see that the top part of the cluster is hitting the plastic from the fairing, thinking I'll probably wedge something in there to separate the two so this annoyance can stop.
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Three options:

- tweak the gauge bracket to straighten up the gauges a bit so they don't make contact with the front surround.
- shim the gauges and bracket with a bit of foam to minimize movement.
- trim the gauge surround to provide more even clearance all around the circumference.

I did all three (OCD). lol
Mine does this too. Seems like it's mounted on some rubber dampers or something? Nonetheless, mine wiggles around. I was wondering if this is by design or if the previous owner had monkey'd around with something back there?

I have a 2014 with about 7800 miles and the cluster does not move around...hope it does not start........
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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