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FS: N1K Stainless Urban Brawlers with baffles - Like new

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Up for sale is my like new N1K Stainless Urban Brawlers with baffles. I purchased them a few weeks ago, and have only put a couple hundred miles on them. I am going to go with a full exhaust setup, hence why I am selling. I added $30 in baffles. They bolted in nicely, and quieted down the roar a bit. $200 shipped. PayPal preferred. Exhaust located in Santa Barbara, CA 93105.


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Curious as to how loud they are, they look like straight pipes, it's hard to really hear from watching youtube videos.
Well nothing like a Harley with straight pipes :) They are definitely on the louder side, but I was happy with them with the baffles I put in. Remember, you still have a cat between the headers and the muffler that helps keep the sound down. They have a nice sound though while cruising or at WOT. I had the same issue trying to evaluate the sound online. But I pulled the trigger anyway because of how popular they are, and I was happy with what I got. I just decided to go with a full system.
Dang, wish these were around when I bought my set....GLWS! They should go pretty quick, especially if you post em up on the Z1k forums.

There isn't any chance these are still available is there?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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