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Front brakes rubbing slightly

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I recently took my font and rear wheels off to get new tires on my 2014. I noticed the brakes on the front rubbing slightly when I put it all back together. I don't recall this being the case before. I know when I used to change pads on my disk brakes on my mountain bike, I had to slightly align the caliper on the mounts so it wouldn't rub. What is the possible reason here? I made sure I did not squeeze the levers with the wheels off. It's ever so slight but definitely has my attention. Will it go away as the pads wear or do I need to address it?
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As soon as you stop a few times, things will go back to normal....

If its really bothering you, loosen the axle pinch bolts on the right side fork lower. Pump for a few times. Spin wheel, and stop wheel with the brakes.

This will align it perfectly.

If you REALLY want to dive in, follow the instructions on this page.

Installing a Front Wheel on A Dirt Bike Should be Done Like This
THanks. The tire spins ok. I just hear it rubbing slightly. I am sure it is slowing it a bit, but will ride for a few hundred miles and see if it changes. Thanks.
Brakes are going to rub slightly. Nothing to be alarmed about.
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