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From Nomad 1700 to Ninja 1000

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Hello everyone! Just traded my Nomad for a Ninja 1000 last Friday. Love everything about the new bike but the vibrations in the foot pegs and handle bars. Anyone else experiencing the same? Solutions?

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That's quite a weight reduction.

I didn't feel vibes but I slipped grip puppies over original rubber. I like the thicker feel.
They are supposed to reduce vibration. Don't know about pegs.
This sounds silly, but give your bike a chance to break in. I promise vibration is better, on mine, at 5000 miles vs when it was brand new. I even eliminated my rubber mounted pegs..by the way, the rubber mouted peg feature is worthless and does nothing. No difference, in any way, with or without the rubber mounts.
Rcannon409, I think you're right. I've only got 400 miles on the bike at this time, but the vibration has nearly vanished compared to when riding home from the dealership. The color is black and silver. It's a left over 2012 model.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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