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Friction Reducers

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I'm probably late to the game, but I've recently seen some material about a product called: Motorkote.

It's touted as a friction reducer added to the oil crankcase that is supposed to adhere to the metal surfaces and make the engine run smoother and cooler.

It's labeled to be fine for motorcycles but some say friction reducers are not good for wet clutch application. Others would counter that sandpaper works even when it's wet.

My question is what direction is best: synthetic oil and nothing else or oil additives are fine even for motorcycles?
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I always stuck to the recommended oil and never went any further, this is something i'll have to look into as there are some great benefits to reduced friction.
I would say that as long as both the oil additive and the bike say that it is okay, you should try it out. That way you can make your own decision about whether its best for you or not. Have you checked to see if there are any warnings against using this Motorkote that you speak of?
Motorkote says they have hundreds of motorcycle users.
Tony, they had this stuff around years ago. They called it "Kal Guard engine coat" or somethign like that. VERY popular in the late 70's early 80's. Well, I just searched, and its still around...Engine Gard : Kal-Gard

Oddly enough, it was 8.95 for a tiny bottle, way back then. Oil was 75 cents per quart.

We all bought it. Did it work? Not enough to notice. I suspect if it really helped oil, its already in there. Imagien if you formulated an oil that was very much better than was already available. You'd be rich.

But, we need sticky, in places. Imagine something slippery enough to let the clutch plates slip, at lock-up. Not good.

We ran stuff like this in the 2005 Honda crf 450 since it separated the engine and trans oil. Did it work? Uh, we all did it....no evidence either way. They still blew up constantly.
Tony, on second thought, I'd avoid it. Thinking outloud here.....If we believe the manual, we need to be using a specific motorcycle approved oil. I dont believe that, but pretend.

The car oil contains too much friction modified additives, right? So, we then add more? For what? Our transmission on this bike is amazing, and if you want better, use the bearing shifter mod from Murphs. Plus, these additives often stuck so well you'd have to open up the engine and wipe off the sightglass. The additive left a coating over the clear. The bearing shifter is here..I knwo it says concours 14, but he fits the Ninja/z bike as well. He used my bike to get the measurements.

Bearinged up Shifter for the C14
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