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Flipping the eccentrics?

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I keep reading about people who've lowered the forks in the trees, or put a 55 section rear tire on the bike (or doing both) in order to increase turn in, but I haven't heard of anyone flipping the chain adjusters so the axle is on the bottom. On my bike at least, the axle is at the top. I'm lazy and it's probably close to 140°F in the garage, but is it even possible to do? In other words, can the eccentrics spin 180/360°?
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You could do this, what you'll find when you do is the chain line position changes with relation to the front of the arm.

When it does, it drags along the guard, badly, and will wear through it in no time.

So, yes, you could....but its not a long term solution.
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Thank you that's great advice.
In the old days you could do this since the eccentric was smaller diameter. Entire change for the axle height was maybe 1/2. Ours would be closer to 1 inch, so no-go.
Didn't think about that, thanks.
The chain pull angle affects whether the rear of a motorcycle will tend to rise or squat under hard acceleration. The higher the HP a bike, the greater the effect of the chain pull angle on the geometry.

So spin the chain adjuster over and you radically alter the chain pull angle.
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