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First time Kawasaki owner

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Hello everyone. I want to thank you in advance for any and all useful info I can get off this forum for my '14 Ninja 1000 which I bought about 2 weeks ago. I've owned Suzuki's and a Honda so I definitely appreciate Japanese bikes. It was like Kawasaki was reading my mind when they designed the new Ninja 1000 and after reading several excellent reviews I took the plunge and grabbed one (Cascade Blue). It kind of bothers me I bought it without a ride first but I'm hoping it will all work out. Unfortunately I live west of Chicago so I'm going to have to wait about 3 months (come on global warming) before I can form my own opinion. Can't wait!
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Sorry you have to wait but I don't think you'll be missing any riding days in Chicago. It would be too hard to have it parked in a garage and just stare at it in frustration.

Don't say Global Warming, it's called Climate Change. That way we're covered either way. Temp goes up, climate change. Temp goes down, climate change. See how it works?
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If it will make you feel better, you can ship the bike to me in south louisiana and i'll put the breakin miles on the bike for you. When the weather up in the windy city gets better, you'll be all set to go !!
Thanks Warprints for the kind offer but I think I'll pass. Having to drive like an old man for the break-in will suck but at least I'll look good doing it. Just have to wait for the "climate change".
I may have misunderstood.

I thought you were waiting for delivery. So you are in possession of the beast?

If you don't have a battery tender you can start it every week and even up North there are a few days where the weather breaks and spring fever erupts.
Welcome to the forum. Post up some photos of your new toy!
What suzuki did you have?
how come you decided to move to Kawi and not stick with suzuki or honda?
welcome aboard @sportsfan! Like Tony said, climate change ;) Remember we would still be in the ice age without global warming, don't buy the hype...

x 3 for pics
welcome aboard @sportsfan! Like Tony said, climate change ;) Remember we would still be in the ice age without global warming, don't buy the hype...

x 3 for pics
It's good for making money though :D
Sheep will always buy into it.

Got to love living in the south, riding weather year round
It's rude to demand pics on the first date.
Nah, I've been busy. Did buy the bike but do not have it since they offered me free heated storage until 4/1 and also they had to get the sidebags and install them. Since they were closed for the holidays I'm guessing finished next week sometime. Started riding on an '82 GS1100 which I still own (gotta put the clutch back in) and 2 SV1000's. The '03 is my track bike which I still have and I traded in the '07 on the Kawi. Will post pics when I have them.
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