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Finally .. My First Ride

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Well, after 3+ weeks of waiting since I put my down deposit on my new (leftover '13) N1K, I got it home yesterday and got my first ride in !

Was like waiting for Christmas when I was 10 yrs old !

What a nice bike. Handles so well; so nimble. Keeping 'er below 4K rpm's is kinda tough but still ! Gobs of torque.

Took it today for my 1/2 hr commute to work. Nice.

Had a system rolling thru on the way home with a decent head/side wind and was fairly stable.

Heard diff things about the brakes but I like them - partic the fronts. Great control when coming into a corner with one finger on the fronts with slight pressure thru the turn. Nice. And then the roll-on acceleration right after. Nice.

Wknds here and look fwd to some kms !
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Congrats! Pics please...
Congrats on your virgin ride!
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