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I posted this in general discussion and no one replied so I figured I’d post it here.

I have a cracked area of fairing on my ninja 500 where the right signal light fits into the fairing. Due to this damage the signal light won’t stay in place for more than a few days. The damage was caused by my bike tipping over in a wind storm.

I will be selling this bike because I have a new 2021 ninja 1000 coming very soon. I’d like to fix this but not sure on the best way to do it.

Should I use fiberglass or epoxy of some sort. Make a little mold with tape to rebuild the lip that the signal light fits into then just shape it to match the original then a little silver touch up paint. It will need to be strong and hold well to the existing plastic so it doesn’t just break off when I fit the groove in the signal light stem back into the opening.

Any and all tips and advice is greatly appreciated thanks everyone!
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