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Fairing removal 2014 N1K

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I have read many post, videos, and websites on removing the fairings from our ride. But it seems like the key part that gets people is pulling the tabs off when trying to get the posts out of the grommets and then having to slide the piece forward to remove it. My bike has not had these off yet and I have not done it on this bike. Any words of advice to do this more effectively besides "take your time"? I am looking for a video that shows how to pop the posts out of the grommets effectively and then slide forward but I cannot find it. Everyone focuses on where the fasteners are. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, what happens if the slotted tabs break? It sounds like many have broken at least one and they still go back on ok. Is this the case?
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I had to pull my fairings off twice already, once to put on sliders, and a second time to be able to take the oil filter off that was on way too tight from the factory. The first time, I went really slow, and got both off no problem. The second time, I had trouble with one of the rivets in the front not releasing, and I broke off one of the tabs that go into the slots on the left side front. Everything went back together nicely, so I guess I'm lucky, but I have to just remember to take my time. Getting the front off and back on is the trickiest part. Only takes about 5 mins for removal or placement.
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