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Factory KQR bags and rack for topbox

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So far the most disappointing thing about the N1K (beside super short gearing) for me is that there isn't really a good solution for using something like a Givi topbox with the factory luggage. This is an issue for me as I use the bike for commuting in California. I hate carrying a backpack and if I leave the factory bags (or most any bags) the bike is too wide to easily split lanes.

As I mentioned in another thread I have reached out to a local company in SoCal that does a lot of customization work for movie bikes as well as normal repairs, maintenance, etc. I had a chance to look at some of the bikes they’ve done for movies and shows and the work is excellent. I brought in my 2014 N1K to have them take a look at it and see what they could do with it.

So likely I’ll have them build a rack for it and this could be used to make others. What might be helpful to know is how many people potentially would be interested in a rack that would work with the 2014+ factory panniers? I don’t have any idea of cost yet. Knowing what I know about the shop, they tend to be very affordable for the quality they deliver.

I am willing to give it a go and see how it turns out.
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I'm in. As long as it's a low profile sitting rack unlike the Ventura.
That is what I am looking for. Just a bit higher than the tail section with a big enough platform to fit the universal Givi mounting plate but not too big. Also sturdy enough that if my top box is filled with some gear (but not lead so to speak) that it can safely support it.
I'm not sure I follow the issue. I have a 2013 with the biggest top case Givi makes on it with no issues. Is it a fitting issue with the frame for the top case and the frames that hold the 2014 side cases?
There are no really good options for a rack to mount a top case when you have the factory bags due to the new mounting system for the 2014+ models. They changed the subframe and made the integration of the factory bags a lot nicer.

Nobody as of yet makes really anything other than Ventura and it really doesn't look very robust.
I would guess the reason this is not offered form the factory is subframe strength issues.

If you look at a concours 14, notice it weighs hundreds of lbs more than this bike does. The engine is really not that much larger, physically.

Much of the weight increase comes from stronger frames, and stronger subframes that will reliably hold the load from luggage.

We've already see issues, on a ninja 1000, with subframe bolts snapping.

If you look at this thread, notice how long the subframe really is, and notice where the mounting bolts are.

Ninja 1000 subframe reinforcement - Page 2

I dont think its any oversight on kawasakis part, I believe its them telling you the subframe is not strong enough to support the bouncing of a top case. Especially true of you have bags and are carrying a passenger. Notice a concours 14 subframe has an entire extra support running to its frame vs this one.

If your not carrying a passenger, consider buying a replacement passenger seat. If you have a spare seat, its very simple to mount a givi base plate to it. At least then the top case is much more forward from where it normally would be.
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Good thread RC. Interesting read. I thought that they specifically upgraded the 2014+ models just so it could run bags?

I think part of the reason the C14 is beefier is also the HP/TQ output of the motor. I never plan to carry any more weight than necessary. I normally put just a laptop and a spare helmet in the topcase. I don't like have a lot of weight up high and so far from the CG of the bike. It really screws with the polar moment of inertia. Makes the bike much harder to turn.

I've used the seat trick before for a topcase. Quite handy and I am sure helpful for others. At least my wife isn't much of a load, all of 40kg maybe 45 in all of her riding gear. I am the one that helps pull up our average. :) I am actually looking for a spare passenger seat right now to set this up. Part of the reason I want the top case on a rack is it makes my wife feel more secure even though she doesn't lean on it.
Ay riderz check I have A 20013 Kawasaki ninja 1000 does anyone have any slip ons they wanna sale? Need 2
Ay riderz check I have A 20013 Kawasaki ninja 1000 does anyone have any slip ons they wanna sale? Need 2
THAT'S your first post?? You come into a thread about luggage and ask for slipons?

I can't tell if you're a spammer or just stupid.
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No need for the insults guy obviously I made A mistake and so did you- but no problem
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