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Exhaust port gasket orientation

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Anyone know the orientation of the lip on the exhaust port gaskets? There is a slightly raised lip on one side and I am guessing that should go towards the exhaust port on the head.

Anyone know for sure? Forgot to pay attention when removing old ones :mad:
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The service manual doesn't specify. It just says to grease them, probably so they don't fall out.
Thanks for the response Jeckler. Yeah, my service manual doesn't even indicate their is a lip and neither did any of the online parts fiches I looked at. Called a couple of dealers and two had no idea and one guessed towards the head. Since his guess and my guess were the same that's what I did ; ) Seems fine.
They are easier to remove, from the head, if you set the lip towards the head. Otherwise, no big deal.
Thanks *409. Amazing how stuff like that is completely undocumented in manuals. Glad I have help here.
I knew a technical writer who wrote manuals for assembling nuclear weapons. He was known as one of the best, if not the best in the nation.

He was not like us. He took 10-15 valium , per day, just to slow his brain down. He also smoked cigs.

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This guy was so advanced in his thinking, he could not even imagine us asking which direction a gasket would be installed. We should understand this at birth, like he did.

I think of him every time I read an instruction manual and understand why they are so messed up.

If you tried to straighten him out on the cig matter, he was so intelligent you'd walk away from the conversation thinking perhaps you should wrap your cigs and that you were nuts for not doing so.
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port gaskets

Do i need to change these? I am putting on akra header and have about 7k on the bike. Do you know the Kaw part number?

You Should not "need" to change them assuming they come out in good shape. Just do the grease and you will be fine.
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