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Evaporative Canister Removal

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First of all, this is hypothetical. No need for any unexpected visits from the man...
2011 N1K.
The big canister under the seat is there for emission control, but has no sensors connected to it, just a separator in-line with the F.I..
Does anyone who does not live in an area that does vehicle inspection see a problem with joining the two lines going to the evaporator canister and doing away with that big evap can?
I have Fuze blok and StarCom1 unit I'm trying to mount and need the space.
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Sounds like you may have a California bike.
I believe that canister is only for the California models.
The charcoal absorbs the fuel emissions coming from the gas tank vent.
There should be no ill effects from removing that canister, and routing the hoses together. Just make sure there are no blockages, if the tank does not vent properly, it will cause issues.

Does Florida have emission regulations like Cali?
I read on riderforums that it can be removed... I took a quick look for the thread but couldn't find it. rcannon and some other guys spend more time over there than I. They could probably help ya
I found the link, yo! Evaporative Canister Removal
Thanks Sprockethead. That was just what I was looking for. I am going to remove it and just join the the lines going to the canister instead of pulling everything out. Now I will have plenty of room to put my electronics. I have to say, my old ZRX1200R had so much under seat storage that I got spoiled. But the Ninja has hard bags... Thanks again.
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The bike was purchased on the East coast. Some parts of Florida have vehicle inspections, I think. I'm in L.A., Lower Alabama part of Florida, the extreme N.W. section of Florida, about 40 miles east of Mobile, AL.
We have no vehicle inspections here, thank you very much!
my '15 was purchased in Missouri, yet I observed decals applied that are listed in the manual as "CA model only." the space under the seat is empty save the battery (same size as my '09 250r btw, just greater capacity).
so after a discussion and actually viewing 3 2015 (zx14, 650 versys, and a connie) and a '14 n1k at the dealer without, I have the opinion all 2015 bikes have this charcoal canister- all located below the windshield area. This would indicate all are "CA" models, since the dealer does not notice the usual increase in pricing when specifying a CA model or 49 states in their books.
This canister hurts nothing. I understand freeing up space, though. However, If you dont need the space, leave it.

It means you can park your bike in a 100 degree garage and it never smells like gasoline.
Thankfully the bikes don't need water..sounds like you Californaians better save your water for drinking and body washing
Thankfully the bikes don't need water..sounds like you Californaians better save your water for drinking and body washing

I make it a habit to flush twice so I send them my contribution.
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