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engine squealing at speed

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Bike has about 2500 miles on it. I got it at 1900 and it's been fine. Yesterday I noticed that once I hit about 20 MPH I hear a squealing sound. If I rev at a stop, no sound. The best description I can give is an automotive belt squeal. But it's not noticeable until 20 MPH then it's obvious. Pulling the clutch in at speed seems to make it stop. Any ideas? Thanks.
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1st two things that come to my mind are a slipping clutch or a dragging brake.
If it is under warranty take it to the shop.

But I'll guess anyway ;-)

SInce pulling in the clutch stops the sound, that sounds like it would be in the engine (as engine RPM would drop but transmission/driveline would continue to spin). Yet since you can't reproduce it when stopped and revving the engine, that seems to indicate something not in the engine.

If anything ... it might be something in the clutch plates. I'd be surprised to see a worn clutch at this point, but I suppose an abused/overheated clutch could have bent fingers dragging on the friction plates. Fortunately clutches are easy to pull and replace.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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